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OBSERVERS - Individuals who are at least 18 years or older. Observers serve as auxiliary for the emergency response crews. Most of our new members start out as attendants. Observers are able to ride with the emergency response crews and get valuable riding experience which can help before or while they are becoming an emergency medical technician.
Observers must:



JUNIOR CORPS - Individuals who are from the age of sixteen (16) until the age of eighteen (18) with written consent of their parents or guardians.

  • Child Labor Laws will apply to the working limitations of the Junior Corps Members. Junior Corps Members cannot vote or hold office. Junior Corps Members may only render service on the ambulance as a third/fourth person and may not administer oxygen or any other medications. Junior Corps Members’ duties include the participation in the maintenance and up-keep of all Corps’ equipment and facilities.
  • At the first monthly meeting following their 18th birthday, the Junior Corps Member will automatically be accepted as a Probationary Member or voted in Active Member depending on whether they have completed the Probationary requirements and are in good standing



EMERGENCY MEDICAL DRIVERS - Individuals who are at least 18 years or older, who are trained to drive emergency vehicles during 911 emergency calls.
EMD must have:




We are always looking for talented individuals that share our values and want to support our community. Role such as:

If you are interested in volunteering but do not want to be an EMT please contact PIO@HobokenEMS.com.